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PieceMakers Technology is the best DRAM design company globally that provides design service for terabytes/s bandwidth memory.
Our huge breakthrough in this ultra-high bandwidth memory design propels the Big Data Era of AI.Besides the cutting-edge solutions, we are also faithful to producing the early generations of DDR and SDR SDRAMs.
PieceMakers provides both packaged and unpackaged IC chips for standard and KGD product deliveries to serve a diversified pool of customers from small to large businesses and from SoC manufacturers to systems companies. Our foundries and OSATs are based in Taiwan, and our overseas representatives spread throughout China, Japan, France, Israel, and Turkey.

Quality Policy & Certificate

PieceMakers strive for continuous improvement to work practically with a spirit that exceeds our customer's requirements in QUALITY, DELIVERY, and SERVICE. We are certified by the latest version of ISO 9001 and 14001.

Environmental Policy

Piecemakers is committed to complying with international advanced environmental protection standards to formulate environmental management goals and improve management performance through continuous improvement to contribute to environmental protection.
PieceMakers offers memory chips with the most excellent performance and the most competitive cost.
Count on us for the best customer service and support. It is time to make PieceMakers your choice in partnership.
Our Team
PieceMakers Headquarters
9F-1, No.89, Dongmei Rd., East District
Hsinchu, Taiwan, 300
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PieceMakers was founded by Tah-Kang Joseph Ting, an expert memory IC designer with over 40 years of IC industry experience. He has achieved over 60 patents and multiple worldwide awards in memory circuit design. Additionally, he has multiple major publications in ISSCC and JSSC.

PieceMakers Technology was established in 2006. Since then, he has been leading a group of memory circuit experts with over 25 years of experience in the industry. The team is highly equipped with knowledge in DRAM hands-on experience in circuit design and testing.

Join our team to take part in the world-leading AI memory design.

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